Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everybody poops

Yup, I'm going to do it.  I'm going to write about my son's bowel movements, but don't worry there won't be pictures.  That is unless I can catch one of him pushing into his diaper.  That cracks me up everytime.  Jeff says I'm mean.

My sweet boy has been showering with me for a while.  As soon as he could pull himself up he did not want to be left out of a shower.  He loves the running water so we decided to abort bath time and just have him shower with me every morning since two washings a day are too many for his sensitive skin.  Normally when we are done I turn off the water and get out to dry off while he continues to play with his toys.  About three days ago I noticed him grunting after I got out and discovered he had left me a little present.  I cleaned it up and thought well at least then I don't have to waste a new diaper on that.  Aparently my son likes to be regular because yesterday he blessed me with the same gift.  This morning there was a little change, instead of waiting until I was out and dry he decided that this action needed to take place while we were still showering and I was halfway through shaving.  So I yelled at Jason not to touch the yucky and dashed out to grab handfuls of toilet paper.  After the offending poop was all cleaned up I scrubbed both of us and the floor of the shower very well.  I really hope that we can find another pooping time for Jason and I can enjoy our showers in relative peace.

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