Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elizabeth is 4!

I can't believe our beautiful girl is 4!  I keep looking at her and wondering where my baby went.  She has become such a sweet smart girl.  She is always thinking of other people for example we took Elizabeth out to lunch while Jason was in school one day.  We took her to "the peanut restaurant", one of her favorites.  At one point during the meal she stopped and said I think if Jason were here he would really like these peanuts.  Which is a perfect example of how Elizabeth is always thinking of others.


Elizabeth  is still our little cuddle bug who adores her Daddy.  She is the first to run up to him when he comes home in the afternoon.  If you are sitting she wants to be on your lap. She got a gift from one of her preschool friends and needed to run over to give her a hug.  Elizabeth loves picking flowers and everything girly.  She wears dresses and skirts as often as I let her.  She loves playing with her Little Ponies, and has recently gotten very interested in mothering her baby dolls and stuffed animals.

Last weekend we had the kids joint birthday party at the local bounce place.  They had a blast seeing their friends and bouncing the morning away!








We are so thankful for our sweet, smart girl.  It is a blessing to watch her grow.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Jason is 6!

I can't believe our little man is getting so big!  He has become such a sweet, smart, sensitive boy who we are so blessed to watch grow.  Jeff stayed a bit later in the morning so he could see the birthday boy wake up and open his first gift.  He loved his helicopter and wanted to keep playing with it, but it was time for Jason to head off to school.


I surprised Jason by bringing him McDonald's for lunch at school and shortly after I picked Jason up from school Jeff came home so we could start opening Jason's pile of gifts.  Jason couldn't decide if he wanted to play with his new toys or see what other packages held.



I made his favorite meal of steak and green beans for dinner and of course we had chocolate cake for dessert.
Making a wish


Happy Birthday to our amazing boy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

100 days!

Jason had his 100 days of school celebration today.  I can't believe he has been in kindergarten for 100 days already!  To celebrate each student made a hat with 100 things on it.  Jason picked popcorn so he helping me count out 100 pieces and I hot glued them to an extra hat for him.  Today I went to visit him at school to see him sing songs about 100 and go on a parade through the halls.
He saw me!

Look at all those crazy hats!





With his buddy

Parading around the halls

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Polar Bear Plunge

Well I unexpected icy cold dip yesterday!  I went outside to grill steaks for dinner and passed by the pool on the way there.  I noticed our pool cleaner, the Polaris, was full of leaves and needed to be emptied.  So after I put the steaks on the grill I went to do just that.  Before I got down I checked the pocket I normally kept my phone in, wouldn't want that to fall in, and it was empty.  All the better, I must have set it down inside!  So I leaned down to get the cord and heard a plunk of something falling in.  At first I thought A piece of the Polaris had come apart, but looked down to see a small rectangle floating to the bottom of the pool.  Oh no, my phone!!!  I had slipped it into the pocket of my hoodie and forgotten about it.  I stripped down and jumped in the freezing cold water.  Oh boy was it cold!!!  Thank goodness our yard has a large fence so I didn't give the neighbors a show!  I went under the water and grabbed my phone and got out as fast as I could.

I ran inside, leaving my clothes out by the pool and yelled to Jeff to turn on a hot shower.  He wasn't expecting that!  The kids were so surprised and kept asking questions, but all I could think about was getting warm in the shower.  At first glance it had looked like my phone had been protected by it's case, but on further investigations it might have some issues so it is chilling in a container of rice.  Jeff took care of grilling the steaks and bringing in my clothes while I warmed up.  Taking a dip was not something I had planned for the beginning of January!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

There may not be snow in San Antonio...

... but it's a Texas Christmas to me! So go the words from George Straits's song When It's Christmastime in Texas."  It isn't very well known so Jason surprises people when he starts singing it.  He has been very into singing lately and maybe if I'm ambitious we can try to learn to play the piano together as a summer project. 

With Christmas being two weeks past I figure I better give a wrap up before I forget everything!  We spent a couple days of Jason's holiday break at home so Jeff could work more.  On one of those days we headed up to Dallas to one of the really nice malls they have up there.  We heard Santa tell a story and saw puppet shows featuring Scrooge and a Toy Maker, but the best part was going to visit the trains.  To benefit Ronald McDonald House they have displayed all these toy trains with track running all around the large store.  Jason marveled at all the trains and I liked looking at the reproductions of landmarks from across the country.  Elizabeth just liked being able to wander around.
A couple days before Christmas we packed the Excursion full and headed down to San Antonio to see family.  Aunt Karen arrived from Virginia and Cousins Emmett, Sarah, Rachel and Riley came down.  Jason was sleeping in the same room as Jeff and I on Christmas Eve and the sweetest thing happened, he just started giggling in his sleep.  It was so cute!  Then Christmas morning was there before we knew it!  Elizabeth keeps changing her mind about what her favorite gift was, but I think for Jason it was his helicopter!  My favorite moment of the morning was when Jeff told me to guess what was in a rather large gift.  I shook it and guessed maybe shoes, but that didn't feel right.  I unwrapped it and inside was another wrapped box, inside that was a small gift bag and inside that was a little box.  Jeff had gotten me diamond earrings and a big surprise!





One evening we got to leave Jason and Elizabeth with the grandparents while Michelle, Karen, Jeff and I went out for a bit.  We went out to dinner and then to Michelle's house to play a very fun game Jeff had received for Christmas, Red Dragon Inn.  We slept over and it was glorious to get a chance to sleep in for a bit.  The next day Jeff, Michelle, Grandma and Karen took the kids out on a bike ride to see the aqueduct, which they really enjoyed.  Sadly that was the last nice day for a while.  We took Jason to play laser tag again and he really loved it.  Grandpa took Elizabeth out to Build a Bear and she built one of her My Little Ponies, Princess Celestia, who sang "Let it Go" from Frozen.  We were happy to see the sun come out on our last day there!  Jeff finally got to go Frisbee Golfing right before we left. 






Vacations are nice, but it is also very nice to be in your own home.

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 more days!!!


It seems like we have been going non-stop since Thanksgiving was over!  Between Christmas shopping (mostly done) and parties it has felt like we have been going like crazy!  Just this past weekend I had a party on Friday night, one on Saturday night and one Sunday afternoon.  You throw in birthday parties one of the kids are attending, Christmas pageants and the normal things like school and Awanas and I will be happy for a break when the kids get out of school. 



One thing I wish we didn't have to miss was Jason's school Christmas show.  Jason has had a little cold with a runny nose and cough, but this morning he complained about an upset stomach so we kept him home.  By mid-morning he was up and running around so I think it was just all the nose junk going into his tummy and hopefully he will be all the way better by tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately the rule is that they have to be better for 24 hours before going to school and since I hope other parents would keep their sick kids home, Jason will not be at tonight's performance. 




It really does feel like we will be getting a break as soon as the kids do.  I will have to find things for us to do together during their school breaks.  Before we head down to San Antonio I think we will do some Christmassy things like bake cookies and watch Christmas movies.  The question is what are we going to do for the week after Christmas when we are back home.  I know from experience, if we don't have outings planned the kids will go stir crazy.  Of course they will have new fun toys to play with and that will entertain them for a bit, but not for long enough that they won't start bickering.  So hopefully I will have some fun and interesting things to post about in the new year, but if I don't post before then we wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Jason has been giving us this funny smile lately.  I hope we can convince him to give us nice ones again soon!


Friday, November 21, 2014

November doings

There are a few reasons I've been remiss in my November postings:
Hugging brother goodbye before school

I have been really bad about picking up my camera this month.  I only have about 10 photos in my November folder where most months by this time I have close to 100.  I really have no explanation for this except laziness. I plan to correct this next week while the kids are home all week and we with family for Thanksgiving
Watching the bus go

At the beginning of the month Jeff was being considered for a move within the company.  For a few different reasons we thought we would probably be moving near Austin.  We did lots of yard work and home repairs in preparation for selling the house.  I was excited to live in a more metropolitan area with more opportunities for me and the kids.  Jeff would also get to network better in the company and get to show more people what he could do, but alas it was not meant to be.  As always we remember that our lives are in God's hands and he is leading us in the best way for our family.  Of course there are great things about staying also.  We love Elizabeth's preschool and she is loving her ballet class and we can't wait for their recital in the spring.  Jason has been blossoming in Kindergarten and Awanas.  He even memorized all of the books of the New Testament in one week!  I had also planned out how we were going to combine the kids birthday parties at a local bounce house place towards the end of February or beginning of March
Elizabeth dressing her doll

Lastly, Jason shares.  Jason got a terrible stomach bug last Tuesday that zapped his energy for most of the rest of the week.  As often happens, we all ended up with it, Jeff and Elizabeth had it on Monday and I had it on this Tuesday.  We are all slowly recovering and hope to feel 100% soon. 

I'm sorry I haven't updated much lately, but hopefully you will be appeased by the photos I have included from the kids Thanksgiving feasts

Jason with a buddy at school

He has been giving me this strange smile lately, I can't wait for the normal smile to come back

Elizabeth was so excited for Daddy to have lunch with her!

My wild little Indians!