Thursday, April 10, 2014

We're going to...

Walt Disney World!  I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet (probably not because I've been a bad blogger) but we have been planning this trip over a year now and I can't believe it is less than a month away.  We finally told the kids this past weekend.  They really have no clue what Disney World is so we didn't see any wild excited celebrations when we told them, but they were happy when we explained it to them.  I made a countdown chain to combat the are "we leaving yets?"  Jason does keep reminding me that it is going to take "a really long time" to get there and yes, but I remind him that we are going to have such a great time. 

You may not be able to tell in the photo above, but we each got a matching shirt with Mickey on it.  Which is a step back from the every day matching outfits that I originally pitched to Jeff.  We are planning on driving our camper there and have reservations at Disney's campsite, Fort Wilderness.  I have some surprises tucked away for the drive to help keep the kids entertained and reduce the whining (I'm sure the DVD player will help.)  I'm trying to pack up things and not panic at the last minute.  Lists have been my best friends lately.
In non-Disney news we had some bananas that were getting pretty old so my sweet girl helped me make some banana bread.  She really loved cleaning the bowl afterwards.

Monday, April 7, 2014

First T-ball game

So Jason had his first t-ball game this weekend.  He is so excited about playing and he has been trying his hardest.  We could probably work with him more on hitting and catching, but oh boy he looked cute!

Like here he is ready to field the ball

And here he completely misses it.
He did hit the ball twice.  Both times he only hit the ball a little in front of the tee, which ends up working out because the pitcher had to hurry up to grab the ball and Jason was already on his way to first.  On his first time at bat Jason ran to first then rounded and ran to second and was on his way to third when he got tagged out.  We failed to tell him that he should wait and until his coach tells him to keep going before rounding the bases. 


His second time at bat he remembered to stop and watch for his coaches directions.  He made it to third and probably would have gone home if his team had not struck out at that time.
All in all we are happy he is having a lot of fun and we hope to explain the game to him a bit better.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beautiful birthday girl








Our sweet girl turns 3 today!  I can't believe she has gotten so big, she was just my itty bitty baby.  She loves pink and tea parties.  She likes to play with dolls and dressing up and doing girly things, but she also loves to race her brother and play trains with him.  She hopes to jump in the pool just like big brother this summer.  My biggest surprise during our birthday interview was when she told me she wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up.  I didn't even know she knew about ballet, good thing we were planning on starting her on lessons next fall.  Of course you can't have all sugar without a bit of spice and our girl does have an opinion.  Recently she has started telling us "you call me Beth" so we will see if that sticks.  When you tell her something she doesn't like she will put her fists on her hips, purse her mouth, point her face down and look up at you angrily.  Most of the time she really is a sweet, cuddly girl who we are so happy to see grow.



Friday, March 21, 2014

Calling Baton Rouge

We spent last weekend camping in Louisiana.  We wanted to go on a dry run with our camper and had never visited Louisiana so we just went for it.  We started by visiting the French Quarter in New Orleans

We ended our day with s'mores around a fake campfire since we didn't have a firepit at the campsite.  We made do and the kids had a blast!

The next day we explored both the old and new state capital buildings in Baton Rouge.

Elizabeth wanted to look for Cinderella in this castle, but couldn't find her!

Next we visited the USS Kidd and our kids had a great time climbing all over the ship!

We didn't go in because the kids were passed out in the back seat, but we did get to see the unusual New Capital Building.

With beautiful gardens right out front!


I have said before that Jason is our shy guy, but that might be changing.  Where at one time he would run away when introduced to new people, now he goes up and says "Hi, I'm Jason and this is my sister Elizabeth."  We tend to see our children in one light until we are forced to change.  Yesterday Jason had his 5 year old check up.  We learned that although he is very small for his age he continues to grow along the same curve.  Because of this check up we had to drop him off late to preschool.  The other kids all at the playground running around.  We have always thought that Jason was more of a follower and when he talked about his sidekicks, Isacc and Ian, he was really more of a sidekick to them.  I was pleasantly surprised then when we went to the playground to drop him off and many of the boys ran up to greet him and seemed genuinely glad he was there.  It just makes me very happy that he is making some really good friends and socializing well.   I don't know why I'm surprised, Jason is just letting the other children see what an amazing person we know him to be.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Busy Month

Wow, I can't believe it is almost the end of February!  It feels like it just started, we have been so busy!  We had Jason's 5th birthday (!!!!) and Valentine's Day with their respective parties, ice skating and making new friends, visiting the San Antonio Grandparents and going to the rodeo.  It feels like we just clean up from one thing and we are off on another adventure.  I'm looking forward to March slowing down a bit.
IMG_0454 by RachSal
At the beginning of the month Jeff wanted to take Jason ice skating again and he did so well this time.  Jeff would skate out a little bit then let Jason skate to him.  We got a couple of times in there where he didn't even fall!  They both had a great time!

IMG_0114 by RachSal
IMG_0134 by RachSal
IMG_0126 by RachSal
IMG_0140 by RachSal
The next weekend was Jason's Cars themed birthday party.  We are so thankful to all the family and friends that joined us.  I was worried that the house would be too small to hold all those wild big boys, but it ended up being perfect and the sun came out right before the party so we were able to go outside a bit also.
IMG_0166 by RachSalIMG_0203 by RachSal
IMG_0199 by RachSal
IMG_0210 by RachSal
Then came Jason's actual birthday.  We had a playdate with some new friends and took him out to dinner at his favorite "tortilla restaurant" before heading off to Awana's to celebrate with those friends.  I still can't believe my baby boy is 5!
IMG_0247 by RachSal

Last weekend we drove down to San Antonio to join Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Michelle at the Rodeo.  Jason really enjoyed watching the cowboys on horses roping the cows.  I've been doing lots of photography practice because I am taking another online class.  More importantly I've been asked to photograph a 5k charity race at the beginning of March.  I want to be sure I can do a good job so I have been taking pictures of the kids running around to be sure to capture all the details. To be sure the runners can get their photos I started a website they can order from
IMG_0249 by RachSal
IMG_0276 by RachSal
IMG_0278 by RachSal
IMG_0357 by RachSal
IMG_0379 by RachSal
IMG_0402 by RachSal
IMG_0470 by RachSal
IMG_0457 by RachSal

As I said we had a lot going on and next week Jeff and I are going to Salt Lake City while the kids spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa.  We will get back just in time for me to photograph the run.  I hope to put more frequent updates in here in the next few months.