Monday, October 18, 2010

Boy or Girl

Jason's face in 3D ultrasound

So we got to hear baby #2's heartbeat on Wednesday and scheduled our next appointment.  When I was pregnant with Jason in Phoenix we had a level 2 ultrasound to check out Jason's hands to see if he has polysyndactily like Daddy (he does.)  I didn't think we would be getting another level 2 for this one because we are not in as major an area.  The good news is that we get the better quality level 2 ultrasound for this one also, but the bad news is that due to scheduling and insurance issues we won't be getting it until January.  Since this will be replacing my anatomy scan we would not find out the gender of our baby until January when I will be in the third trimester and 28+weeks (most people get theirs done by 20 weeks.)  I am begging Jeff to allow me get something called a sneek peak in Albuquerque in the next few weeks, but he still says he will think about it.  So if you talk to him soon you would mention how much you want to know boy or girl right now :)
cute Jason foot!

People ask if you would rather have a boy or girl and it has become a little cliche to say we don't care as long and the baby is healthy.  This really is true for me!  I will admit when I was pregnant with Jason I did lean a little more toward wanting a girl, but now that we have our sweet boy I couldn't imagine life any other way.

Pros for a Boy:
  • A brother so close in age would be a wonderful playmate for Jason.  I saw my brothers growing up together and would love that comradery for my sons.
  • We already have all the cute boy clothes and stuff and they will still be in style
  • In our master plan this would not be the last baby for Jeff and I.  Not having a girl at this point would encourage us to jump back into the newborn stage after we had been out of it for a while.
Pros for a Girl:
  • Adorable pink stuff!
  • new clothes and lots of shoping
  • I have always wanted a girl

Ok so my reasons for a boy are more concrete than for a girl, but I would really honestly be thrilled for either one.  I just want to know NOW!

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