Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big boy Jason!

We have started using time out a lot more with Jason when he throws his toys or doesn't listen to Jeff or I or just generally misbehaves.  I'm not sure it is sinking in, but it stops the bad behavior for the moment.  The funniest part is that Jason will put himself into time out.  We will be talking nearby and hear him throw a toy and then watch him pitter patter into the corner.  It is so hard not to laugh in moments like these!

I am so ready for a day when he is done with diapers, but as of right now he hasn't given any indication that he is ready to start potty training.  So we will wait, besides with our current living situation in a little bit of limbo I figure we don't want to change too much on him at one time.  He is growing up so fast though, when we tell him he needs a diaper change he will lay down on the floor so that we can change him, which is so much better than having to chase him around the living room!

We always say that our little boy never grows, but again he is proving us wrong.  The other day I felt like Jason's shoes were getting tight on him and thought he needed to move up a size.  We went to the store to get his feet measured and he was weighing in at a 7.5 the shoes he was wearing were ...5.5, opps!  I guess we are going shoe shopping today

We have been seeing Jason grow up right before our eyes!  I wonder if he wouldn't seem so grown up if we didn't have Elizabeth right there to compare him to.  Now if only we can get him to talk!

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  1. The time out thing is funny. I tell Troy "no no no" and shake my finger at him when he is getting into something he shouldn't.

    So now when he is crawling/walking over to the trashcan he starts shaking his head and saying "nah nah nah nah nah nah na"