Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the Wilderness

We recently returned from a 3 week camping trip.  While it seemed like a good idea I think in the end it was just too long and too far away.  Next time I think we will go for less time and not travel as far from home.  We did have some great times along the way and saw some beautiful sights.  Here are some of the highlights.  First we traveled up to Fairfield, Texas to look at homes we might want to buy and get to see around the town.  We did find a couple of possibilities that gave us something to think about the rest of our trip.  Our next stop was up to see the Culp Family and camp at the Devil's Tower.  John and Katie have a daughter a little younger than Jason and a son who was born less than a week after Elizabeth.  We had a great time at the park, having dinner and catching up with them, but I was silly and completely forgot to get our camera out of the car.

After driving across Wyoming we met up with the Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Michael at Teton National Park near Yellowstone.  We got in trouble there with the bear police, and I got pretty fired up about it, but Jeff kept a cool head as usual.  Then we spent a day in Glacier National park before traveling up to Canada.  We camped at Banff National Park for a week before starting our 3 day ride home.

Jason playing in the flowers

Elizabeth stopping for lunch
Jason inspecting the waterfall
Both of the kiddos fell asleep on this hike

Mommy and Daddy with our dinasours in front of the glacier
Riding the gondola to the top of the mountail

Everyone (except Grandpa)


  1. Stunning pictures! As the kids grow up, they'll really enjoy looking at these.

  2. Yes, the views were great! Can't wait to go camping with our little guy soon!