Friday, September 23, 2011

It has been too long!

It really has been too long since I have updated, but we have had so much going on.  We are finally in and settled in our house.  I will be sure to put together a post with photos of home when I get a chance.

 In the mean time Elizabeth is almost 6 months and I am just getting around to posting her 5 month photo. 

We also went to a train museaum with the family and Jason didn't want to leave. 

Jeff and I also celebrated our birthday.

 We packed up everything and moved it into the new house which was quite an adventure.  Now that we are here and everything is in it's proper place, we are working on making friends. 

We attended a family fun day at Jeff's work last week and a baseball game in Dallas.  I have been taking the kids to library story time every week and recently we went out to lunch with a family from the library.  Next week we have Elizabeth's 6 month appointment and I am excited to see how big she has gotten.

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