Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

2012_07_ 023 by RachSal
I hope you all had a fabulous Fourth.  Ours was certainly fully loaded!  We started the day by doing some yard work to make the house look pretty for our upcoming party.  We spread mulch around the plants and swept up all the petals off of the back patio.  Jeff mowed the lawn, the kids played, and I snapped a few pictures.
2012_07_ 033 by RachSal
We came in, cleaned off and put the kids down for nap.  Then we got down to business.  Our old dishwasher wasn't doing the job.  So I convinced Jeff to get us a new one and after shopping around we picked one and brought it home to install it ourselves.  It ended up not being as complicated to install a dishwasher as I thought or Jeff made it look easy. 

2012_07_ 031 by RachSal

After all that work it was time for some fun in the pool where Jason got to play with his new toy, Ahab the fish.  After getting dried off we all went out to dinner, what a treat!  After dinner we relaxed a bit and then I dragged the family out to try some photography things.  As it was getting dark we headed over to a friends house to watch the city fireworks. 

2012_07_ 025 by RachSal
During the fireworks we had a few uh-oh moments.  Elizabeth toppled her chair over and I yelled at Jeff for not watching her.  Jason tried to chase a ball into the road, in the dark, right in front of a car (talk about heart attack!)  We all came away mostly unscathed (I twisted my knee, but will survive) and in the end had a pretty good Fourth of July.

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