Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hair hair everywhere

It is always a battle to get Jason's hair cut so one thing I was looking forward to with Elizabeth was not having to battle to cut her hair.  I didn't realize there would be a trade off and I would have to fight to keep her hair out of her eyes.  I have been trying out some new styles to keep her hair back and we have had some successes and some failures.  Let's start by taking a look at what happens when I don't do anything with her hair:
As you can see we have a little Cousin It.  So I had been pulling her hair back with a barette on the side:
And that is really cute, when it works.  Too often she pulls the barette out and we are left with hair in our face.  Then there is the traditional ponytail or pigtails, which are cute, but I wanted to try some different things.
The first thing I tried the mulitband pigtails.  They stayed in very well, but weren't as cute as some of the other styles.
2012_08_001 by RachSal

2012_08_002 by RachSal

2012_08_003 by RachSal
Then I went with a french braid in part of the hair.  I love this one, but it is a bit of a challenge and if Elizabeth is in a mood I don't even attempt it.
2012_08_007 by RachSal
The next day we tried a hair knot and although it looked okay, it definatly didn't stay in so later that day we tried a different style.
2012_08_008 by RachSal

2012_08_009 by RachSal
We tried a line of flip unders and these stayed really well, but I will have to get one of those topsy tail tools to make the process faster.  Speed is always key when working with one this little.

2012_08_014 by RachSal

2012_08_016 by RachSal

A simpler style that I am starting to really like is just twists back to pigtails or buns.  It is pretty easy, but still looks cute and keeps her hair out of her face.

2012_08_017 by RachSal

2012_08_018 by RachSal

I have a few more styles that I am thinking of trying, but this is what we have done so far.  Most of these ideas have come from Simply Sadie Jane and Princess Hairstyles, so check them out for some more ideas..

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