Monday, November 11, 2013

Hand update

Since the last two comments have been requests for updates on the kids hands and to encourage audience participation, I guess I will give an update.  Last spring we went back to the doctor for a check of how the kids hands were healing.  The doctors said that they all looked pretty good and that we didn't really need to come back until the kids were much older.  So how did everything shape up?  well their hands don't function like yours or mine do, but they are better than they were.  Most of the issues come with bending the middle and ring fingers.  They are able to bend each hand at various levels.  I was concerned that it would make learning to write more difficult, but Jason seems to be handling it well.  I asked each of the kids to spread out their hands then to make tight fists.  You can see that for the most part they can only make fists with 3 of their fingers, but they make it work.  The doctors said that unless we did some really advanced surgery this was probably as good as we were going to get, which we are okay with.

IMG_9579 by RachSal
IMG_9581 by RachSal
IMG_9582 by RachSal
IMG_9583 by RachSal

IMG_9586 by RachSal
IMG_9587 by RachSal
IMG_9589 by RachSal

And a cute picture of the kids for those not that interested in their hands
IMG_9599 by RachSal

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