Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas wrap up

IMG_0461 by RachSal
This Christmas we drove down to San Antonio to spend time with family.  We did lots of traditional thing and had a great time.

IMG_0432 by RachSal
IMG_0441 by RachSal
Making cookies with Grandma
IMG_0478 by RachSal
Reading 'Twas the night before Christmas
IMG_0484 by RachSal
IMG_0487 by RachSal
Santa came
IMG_0501 by RachSal
IMG_0493 by RachSal
The kids on Christmas morning

IMG_0485 by RachSal
What the kids saw

IMG_0511 by RachSal
Daddy got an Ipad Mini

IMG_0516 by RachSal
Jason got a garage to fix his cars

IMG_0569 by RachSal
After she got her pink dress Elizabeth wore it most of the morning

IMG_0572 by RachSal
You've got to climb on Daddy, because well...he's Daddy

IMG_0585 by RachSal
I got some camping wine glasses

IMG_0604 by RachSal
Elizabeth happily ate a Christmas colored doughnut

After Christmas we had a little bit of downtime to be in San Antonio.  We decided to try going to the Children's Museum in downtown.  It was wonderful for our kids ages!  They had a blast and I hope to do it again soon!
IMG_0612 by RachSal
Elizabeth loved playing in the balls and having them fall on her

IMG_0633 by RachSal
A huge indoor sandbox

IMG_0636 by RachSal
Jason was so excited to fly the plane

IMG_0640 by RachSal
A cup of tea in the little house

IMG_0646 by RachSal
huge building blocks

IMG_0644 by RachSal
Playing in the bubble

IMG_0652 by RachSal
You were supposed to milk the cow, but it wasn't working so Elizabeth decided to try to feed it

IMG_0656 by RachSal
Little piano and couch in a room to teach kids about the Victorian era.

We headed back home and to reality right before the New Year.  We are trying to get back to normal with a few resolutions.  Hoping you had a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year!

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