Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our little guy is 8 months old! We celebrated with a feast and a national holiday of Thanksgiving. The holiday may or may not have been in place pre-Jason, but he is someone we are very thankful for. For Canada’s Thanksgiving on Monday we got together a couple of Americans that Jeff works with to have a nice little dinner party. I was pretty excited because that was the first time I have made a big dinner for un-related people (relatives are too nice and forgive you when you mess up all the dishes.) For some added fun our electricity went out about a half hour after putting the turkey in the oven. Eeek! Everything turned out okay and I haven’t heard of major cases of food poisoning yet.

We had our first real snow on Sunday. I am already concerned about the cold winter we are going to have. I guess we just bundle up and deal with it. There are some indoor mommy and baby activities planned around town that I think we will be taking advantage of to ward off cabin fever.

Jason always wants to be moving now. I mean he never really liked to sit still for very long, but now he really wants to go. He is struggling to crawl and our hard wood floors aren’t making it very easy for him. Every time he tries to get his knees under him he just scoots backward. The backward scoot has become a means of transportation, but it is made more difficult by the fact that you can’t see where you are going. We believe that it won’t be too long before he figures out crawling and Rachel’s life will never be the same.

Jason did have one milestone that I could have skipped. Our little boy recently had his first cold. The poor boy was all stuffed up and not very happy at all. It made sleeping through the night difficult when he had trouble breathing. I think we are past most of it now and there is just a little nose gunk leftover. Jeff caught the cold from Jason and was just as miserable as the baby if not more so. Jason is not a fan of loud noises and starts crying and freaking out a bit when someone sneezes. We are all glad that the family is recovering.

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