Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Go Big or Go Home!

Jason did go big this past weekend. Friday afternoon he was gnawing on my finger when I thought I felt something sharp on his gum. Sure enough there was a little bitty ridge of a tooth poking through. At first Jeff didn't believe me since people have told us he is teething for the past 7 months. Over the weekend the tooth emerged more. He has been dealing with it alright, but I think we have restarted some of our sleep issues.

Over the weekend Jason also decided it was time to get off his butt and go! Yes, ladies and gentlemen we have a crawler. He is still a little wobbly, but with the right motivation he will crawl. His favorite thing to go after is the Christmas tree and wires. I ran around the house yesterday baby proofing as best I could.

A while ago Jason discovered he could stand in his crib holding on to the railing. I though oh this is cute and he loves to do it. Now instead of sleeping he is standing and calling out for us all night. I am not sure he even knows how to get himself down. We may have to look into doing some more sleep training with him in the next week or so.

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