Friday, November 13, 2009

Nine Months Old!

Where did my baby go? I know I start just about every monthly post with this, but seriously he is looking and acting more and more like a little boy lately. Almost every morning when we go in to get him he is standing at the railing of his crib. Today he had not even been crying out for a minute when Jeff went to get him and sure enough he was standing up waiting for him. In fact when I want to get him into a better mood we go in there and he shows off how great he is at standing up.

Jason scoots around the floor like no ones business. He isn't crawling yet, and honestly I thought he would be. He doesn't let that stop him. Jason goes from the back scoot to the back crawl to sitting and scooting to get all around any room. He might be one of those babies who skips crawling to go right to standing. His next development is anybody's guess. Last week he just randomly started clapping. Now he has gotten the hang of it and claps when others do. It is the cutest thing and he is so proud of himself.

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