Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My baby is 1!

Can you believe it? Our little boy is 1! I thought I told him never to grow up, but it doesn't seem like he has listened. In a way I am happy he didn't heed my warnings because this little man is so much fun to play with and no less cute then he was as a baby. As we always tell him he is our sunshine!

On Friday (Jason's birthday) we had the pleasure of having Jeff stay home with us. We all got to go to playgroup and Daddy found out how Jason and Mommy spend most of their days. Jason had his first taste of birthday cake there and didn't want to get messy at all. After a nice nap, Jason received his present from Mom and Dad, a rocking horse. You might think that first thing he wanted to jump on and ride it, but Jason prefers to cuddle "Fred" and push him around the room.

(video deleted to make room for new photos)

On Saturday we had a bunch of kids and their families over to celebrate Jason's birthday. I may have invited too many people for our little house to handle, but I think everyone had a good time. At least they are all too nice to tell me if they didn't. His party was a winter wonderland theme and the older kids got to make a snowflake out of popcorn while the younger ones played in the living room. We had another cake and again Jason didn't want to make too much off a mess. Jason is now the boy with too many toys and we had to put some of them up for a little bit.

I know I shouldn't worry, but I am a mom and I do. Jason isn't walking yet. I hear about all these moms with babies younger than mine who walk and Jason doesn't. I know every book and resource says he is fine for not walking yet and he will do it in his own time. I keep telling myself that I don't want him to walk yet anyway because then he will be all over the place, but I think that is just a case of sour grapes. I am sure that in time Jason will decide that staying upright is much more fun then crawling around. Jeff predicted 13 months, should we hold him to it? :)

(video deleted to make room for new photos)

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