Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're Moving!!!

Now now, don't get excited we are not returning to the "land of the free" we are just moving across town. I may have noted in another posting that we are currently living with the stairs of death. You know in The Exorcist at the end when the priest falls down the stairs? Ours are like those. Jeff (and many of his co-workers) have expressed concern for my safety carrying Jason up and down the stairs. Otherwise this apartment is pretty good. It's large with big rooms and the best part is it is furnished.

Wait Rachel, why would you need it to be furnished? I know you have a house full of furniture...well we do, but it is all in storage in the good ol' US of A. It was too expensive to ship so we are going to have the company buy us all new furniture. I have been told that is also a cheaper option. So yesterday we spent the afternoon making the lady at the furniture store very happy! This afternoon we are going to go shopping for everything else that we will need. I will post pictures of the new place when we are in and all set up. Now I have to go wake up the baby so we can go shopping!

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