Monday, April 26, 2010

Take a Hike

This weekend was perfect weather to go out on a walk.  It was cool enough that the mosquitos and black flys hadn't come out yet and warm enough to not freeze.  I think we will only have a few more weeks like this.  So Jeff, Jason and I went out on a walk around a nearby lake.  It was a bit cooler than expected and Jason eventually got tired of sitting in his stroller, but we did have a good time.  To entertain Jason we let him get out and walk a little bit and he would have loved to walk the entire way.  Unfortunatly we wouldn't have gotten around the lake in time for Jeff to go back to work this morning if we took the hike at Jason's pace.

That afternoon I went out for a much needed girls night.  For the first time I left while Jason was still up.  Jeff played with Jason for an hour and had to put him to bed.  I was so worried that there would be massive amounts of tears.  There weren't!  But my momma's boy did miss me because Jeff said that they would read a book about Momma Bear and her little boy and Jason would wander over to the window and look longingly out it  :(  The next morning he must have been excited to see me because he decided to get up at 5:30 when he normally wakes up at 6:30ish.  I didn't need that after a late night with the girls, but I was dying to see my baby so we got up and played a bit while Daddy slept in.

We are starting to get excited about our big trip (10 days!!!) and also more anxious about leaving Jason.  He has gotten much more independent, but I worry that he will be so upset by being left without Mom or Dad.  I also worry that it will be a hard plane ride for our little toddler.  He wants to walk around and explore everything!  We will be taking 3 flights to get down there the first two are about an hour each then the last one is 3.5 hrs.  I really hope he will nap in my arms for the longer flight because he will not be happy being cooped up in one place for that long unless he is sleeping.  Maybe we will get lucky and there will be an extra seat next to us!  I have been reading all the tips I can find about flying with a toddler.  I know to bring plenty of diapers and a change of clothes.  We are bringing books and toys and even a magazine full of doggies (his favorite.)  We will also bring lots and lots of snacks for him.  I am bringing the DVD player since we have it, but he isn't normally interested in watching TV or movies (unless it is a dog food comercial.)  Anything you can think of that we are forgetting?

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  1. Dog food commercial!! Hilarious!

    That is sweet that he missed his Mommy :) You and Jeff look so proud to be parents...I can see in your smiles.