Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are getting ready to leave EARLY tomorrow morning.  We are leaving from Timmins (a town 2 hrs away) at 6 am.  We will probably be leaving our house at 3am, eek!  I hope I am taking enough toys, books and snacks to keep Jason entertained on the plane.  Or maybe God will be watching out for my sanity and he will just sleep (wishful thinking, I know)  I keep thinking I am forgetting something, but I can't think of anything.  We are planning of spending a couple of days in San Antonio before we fly to Rome and spending a day there sightseeing before the cruise leaves.

This is the cruise we are taking: Crystal Cruises Seaways of Antiquity

I am still having a bit of anxiety about leaving Jason.  I am sure his grandparents are going to spoil him and give him lots of love and attention, but I am worried that he will be unhappy the whole time we are gone.  I am also a little concerned that I will be unhappy not having him around.  Maybe Jeff will sit on my lap and let me hug on him and if I get really lucky he might wipe his runny nose on me. :)  My other concern is the flights to San Antonio and keeping our active toddler happy while sitting on the three flights.  My plan so far is to let him run around while we are in the airport and read to him, stuff him with snacks and let him play with toys we brought while we are sitting on the plane.  I hope this all works without too much screaming.  Pray for me!

Lately Jason has been adorable.  He loves to go to the park and explore the world around him.  At first he only squeeled at doggies, but now he is so excited to see any animal.  We are so lucky that he is a great teether and he recently sprouted two new ones and we didn't even know.  He loves playing with rocks so if Granddad wants to move any rocks he will have a little helper.  He is ticklish almost everywhere and picks up on things so fast.  He wants to climb on everything and hates to be ignored.  He is cuddly after he wakes up and loves to be read to.  I love him so much and we have such a great time together!

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  1. Have a great time! I am jealous of your destination :(

    Have Jeff call when you get back. I think i have his number wrong.