Monday, June 21, 2010

In San Antonio

We survived!  We actually made the trip in 2 days instead of 3 as I thought we would.  To do that we only completely stopped for about two hours during the night at a rest stop.  Jeff said he wanted to be done with the trip so we just pushed through.  I was happily surprised at how well Jason did.  There was some fussing, but for the most part he just hugged on Pooh bear.

We have enjoyed seeing family down here in San Antonio and loved spending Father's day with them.  We have been spending tons of money shopping down here and Jason has really been enjoying the pool and all the extra attention.  It is great to have built in babysitters that can watch Jason so I can get a much needed haircut without someone fussing to get on my lap.  Jason still loves to be read to and everyone knows what his favorite book here is about Pooh bear and the supersluths.

We are debating on getting a new car as we were able to sell our BMW a week ago (thank God!)  We know that a new car is a want and not a need because Jeff will be getting a company truck and I would be able to drive around our truck.  It is just such a pain to get Jason into and out of his carseat in the pickup and doing simple things like grocery shopping becomes a hassle.  We have been visiting a couple of dealerships in the area and have narrowed down a few cars that we like, but the issues is how Scrooge-like we want to be.

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  1. Yay for the move! Keep trucking! (No, that is not a vote for the truck.)