Friday, July 2, 2010

snake and snails...

...and puppy dog tails!  Our little boy is a man's  He loves rocks and doggies.  He wants to make things go CRASH, BANG, and BOOM! 

He likes to splash you and play in the water.  His favorite thing to eat is meat with a side of bread!  Something he is not a fan of: getting dirty.  He will hold out his messy hands to you as if saying Mommy fix this and clean them off!  Then he will dive in and get them dirty again.

We went camping earlier this week and he loved being outside in nature.  I had bragged for a while that he was such a good boy and didn't put things in his mouth...opps.  He showed me and decided that while we were camping EVERYTHING belonged in his mouth.  The rocks, dirt, spicket, spicket handle. He loved it though.

When did our baby get so big?

1 comment:

  1. This just after his Dad was telling me how conservative he is about putting things in his mouth?!?

    Its like they have a mind of their own :)