Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gravity: public enemy number one!

Sorry for the blogging hiatus.  While we moved into our new house we didn't have internet service.  That is probably a good thing because I doubt I would have done as much work if I had been able to find anything else to do!  Unpacking was much more challenging with a little someone hanging around and begging to be entertained.

Jason is running and climbing everywhere!  He is more of a little boy than a baby at 18 months old!  He loves the house that Dad made for him out of a box.
"Momma, leave me alone"
He plays outside in the water almost every afternoon!
We are constantly watching him climb to dangerous hights!
on top of the table
trying to get on the box
almost there!
ok mom now you can get me down.

What a crazy boy!  He certainly has been keeping us on our toes lately.  The plans for this weekend are to set up his big boy bed and go shopping for a big boy carseat!  Who told Jason he was allowed to grow up?

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