Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Campers!

This weekend we decided to go camping at a local campground.  Jeff was so proud of himself that he didn't spring it on me by telling me a whole day before we were going to leave.  When we did get going the trip up to the campsite was the curviest road I have ever been on.  We got going a little later than we wanted to so we had to hussle to set up the tent before it got dark.  Although Jason stayed up about an hour past his bedtime he did wonderful!  He really enjoyed exploring the campsite.

The next morning we went on a hike up to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  It was neat to see the caves that were used as dwellings a long time ago.  Jason really loved being in the backpack and it was nice to be outside.  After we were done there we had lunch and went on a bit of a longer hike.  We were shocked when we crossed the same stream 22 times each way!  To say the least our boots were very wet!  Jason had a few spills, but no major injuries and we all made it home in one piece on Sunday.

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