Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time trick or treating or partying or enjoying the weekend!  We went out camping to try our new pop-up camper.  We had a good time, but have found that sleeping in a new place is difficult for our little man.  Mommy spent half of the night in Jason's bed, at least the second night we got a little smarter and put out a sleeping bag there to keep Mom warm.

We also got in a little hike that wore Jason out completely.  All in all I think we enjoyed ourselves.

We all went out trick or treating last night, also.  At first we started out in our neighborhood, but soon discovered that all the lights were out and no one was handing out candy, but we did get a couple of bucks from our neighbor (not exactly what we were looking for.)  So Jeff thought that maybe we would drive to downtown Truth or Consequences to see if we could figure out where everyone was!  We did find people and once Jason realized he would be getting candy he was very happy to go and visit new houses.  At the first house we went to Jason recognized the dum-dum that he got and was almost trying to bite off the wraper when we decided he could have that one piece tonight.  After about three blocks we figured we had all had enough trick or treating so we headed back home to scrub the sticky mess off our little boy.


  1. Can't wait to catch up with everyone!

  2. I'm super jealous you have a pop up camper and what a cute little cowboy!