Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life update

Nope, no baby girl yet, but we are full term at this point so there should be no problem if she is born now.  I'm not feeling super anxious about her coming just yet, but wait two weeks and that might change.  I finally got Jeff to put together the nursery so baby girl has a place to be.  We set up her big toys so that Jason can get used to them being there and can play with them before she arrives.  I would really like her to wait until after Jeff's parents get here on Saturday so Jason can spend time with someone he knows pretty well.

Speaking of Jason, the poor guy has been going through a couple of sick days recently.  I won't go into all the yucky poopy details, but we keep hoping that our little guy is on the mend!  He is still trying to communicate telepathically, but we just won't catch on.  We are excited by each new sound he makes and I keep meaning to get a video of his babbling because I am sure we will miss it when he breaks out in full on sentences.  He has quite a mind of his own and will let you know when you aren't doing things the right way.


In other news we have looked at more and more houses in Tucson and keep coming back to that second choice one I talked about in the last post.  We might be finalizing a deal on it soon and then the hard work starts.  I'm a little nervous about packing the whole house up and moving it ourselves with a 2 year old and a newborn.  Good thing we have so many slaves, uh I mean family and friends coming to visit the baby.  Be forewarned, if you come and visit you might have to pack a few (or a ton of) boxes and/or do some heavy lifting before you hold baby girl.

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  1. I was just thinking about you guys last night. I'm glad all is well -- keep us posted!