Sunday, March 20, 2011

Waiting game

Waiting for baby girl is kind of like waiting for Christmas, but worse.  You know it is coming, but unlike Christmas you don't know when.  At the last Doctor appointment on Monday she said she thought that we would be in labor and delivery this weekend.  The weekend is almost over and there is no sign of baby girl.  Then again before my water broke with Jason there was no sign of him either, so who knows.  Before Jason was born I felt like I was going to have to wait around for him, but he surprised us and came right on time.  This time I felt like baby girl was going to come early, but I may be wrong again.  Only God knows when baby girl will make her appearance, but I keep praying it will be sooner rather than later.

In the mean time we have been spending time with visiting family.  Jeff's parents and brother, Michael, came to visit us this week and we tried to keep them entertained in our small town.  We went to White Springs Missile Range and White Springs National park.  Another day we spent in Las Cruces going to the small railroad museum and La Mesilla, a small town where Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced.  Dad and Michael did go out to Silver City and the Gila River Cliff dwellings, but I was concerned that the drive was too bumpy and it would be too far to travel from the hospital so Mom and I stayed home.

Jason has really enjoyed having Uncle Michael around to play with.  He was slow to warm up to everyone, but now is happy to cuddle and give hugs to Grandma and Grandpa.  It doesn't hurt that they take him out to play and read books to him.  Dad and Michael had to return home early this morning, but we are keeping Mom around to watch Jason when Jeff and I have to go to the hospital.  I don't think she minds getting to see a newborn baby girl either.

In other news, we do have a contract in on a house in Tucson.  Of course things could go wrong, but we agreed with the bank on a price.  We are still working out the closing and when we would move, but are hoping we can move things along quickly!

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  1. Oh the waiting game :) But soon you will look back and think, "why couldn't she just stay inside longer!"

    Yay for a new house! Yay for Moms-in-Law! They are the best.