Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who will they grow up to be?

When a baby is born everyone asks who you think she looks like and before I had kids I honestly thought all newborns looked the same.  I mean they do look a little bit all squished up and wrinkly, but their parents always find distinctive features.  Before Elizabeth was born I envisioned another Jason, just wearing pink.  She has way more hair then he did, but I had a hard time figuring out any features that were distinctly mine or Jeff's.  When we brought her home Grandma Salomon said she looks just like her Mommy and the older she gets the more I realize she is right.

Of course there are ways that our children are like us other than in physical attributes.  They both love to be outside and although that isn't very surprising of a two year old boy, Jason, like his sister, has always been happier when he is outside.  We just take Elizabeth on a walk around the yard to calm her down, it's amazing!  They of course got that from their father, whose first word wasn't Mama or Dada, but outside!  Elizabeth hates change, she doesn't like to be passed from one person to another and if she is happy she wants to stay where she is.  We are so blessed that she is sleeping very well at night only waking about once a night after sleeping 5 or 6 hours at a time!  Jason is currently our sleep fighter, but he always has trouble when we are in a new place so maybe he isn't a big fan of change either.  Mommy is the one that I am sure they have gotten that from.

And why is it that Jason loves trains?  Is it because his family's love of them was breed into him or is that just something he picked up? No matter if it is nature or nurture it will be interesting to see these little ones grow up.

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  1. Great thoughts! I have wondered the same things as I watch my kids grow. I have also wondered why the kids in our families love trains so much! At an age when many boys are giving up trains Zac still plays with his every day (his sisters playing with him many times). ;) We also have the outside gene in our family and the trait of not liking change. So again, odd, huh? :)

    I also agree that Elizabeth looks like you. I remember when Katie was born nearly everyone (including me) said she looked just like Steve. My mom was the only one who said she looked just like me. Turns out my mom was right. ;)