Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hold on!

I feel like I have been saying that a lot, to Jason, to Elizabeth, to life!   It always seems to be that when Jason wants something I am in the middle of doing something for Elizabeth.  Jason just got over a very nasty stomach bug that lasted from Tuesday until Sunday and has suddenly had a newfound interest in eating.  I am thrilled with this interest generally speaking because our little shrimp needs to eat, unfortunately he only ever wants to eat when Mommy is nursing Elizabeth.  He is very used to being an only child and getting what he wants when he wants it.  It feels like every other phrase out of my mouth is "hold on a second Jason"

Elizabeth at 1 month

Jason at 1 month

Then there is our little Elizabeth, who is becoming not so little.  She is a whole month old now! We call her a little chunky monkey, but I am not sure she is any chunkier than any other baby.  I am constantly comparing the two kids and trying to remember if Jason was this chunky at this age, because he certainly doesn't look it now.  Elizabeth is getting so much head control and has even rolled over on accident a few times.  I feel like a terrible mother though because we didn't even document her first Easter with pictures of her.  We did take a couple of Jason opening his basket, but Elizabeth was napping and we put the camera down and forgot to pick it back up to get cute pictures of the kiddos all dressed up.

Mostly we forgot because Jeff, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Michael hustled off after church to unload our house into a storage unit here in San Antonio.  They worked their tails to the bone and we repaid them with the nice stomach bug I mentioned that Jason had.  They were thankful, I'm sure.  Now everyone is mostly recovered and we are trying to settle into life here in Texas.

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  1. HOLD ON -- you're telling me you don't have that much time to take pictures wen you have two children, one of which is breastfeeding? RIDICOLOUS!