Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Camping and crawling!

Last Thursday Jeff asked me if I was interested in going camping so we pulled everything together and got packed up.  Saturday morning we left for the local lake that has some great camping areas.  When we first got there we were both a little concerned because it was pretty windy and we were worried that it might be too cool for us as the sun went down.  Thankfully as we went for a walk after Jason's nap the sun came out and the wind died down.  Jason really enjoyed the playground and went down the slides quite a bit after watching some of the big boys do it.  When we finished our walk we started up our campfire to cook dinner and some s'mores. 

While we were hanging out we had Elizabeth down on a mat.  She was loving being outside in nature and even decided to eat a little bit of the nature.  As she was trying to get another leaf to try to eat she got up on all fours and crawled a bit.  Later on in the camper while I was getting Jason ready for bed, Elizabeth tried to go after one of his trains.  She has been improving little by little since then and her favorite thing to go after is Jason's toys.

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