Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Going, going, gone!

Elizabeth really started moving since she learned to crawl.  She still loves to go after Jason's toys and some days it seems like they trade toys.  As I type Jason is chewing on a baby toy and Elizabeth is attacking his train.  Thankfully Jason hasn't noticed yet, or the screaming would begin.  We try to enforce that the toys are both of theirs and you can't take away something that your sibling is playing with.  We have had to tell both kids no they can't play with a toy because the other one is playing with it.  Sometimes they can play very nicely together though.  For example Jason loves to run his train around the living room and Elizabet will crawl or use her walker to follow him.

We celebrated Thanksgiving last week with Jeff's family from San Antonio.  I cooked tons and haven't yet heard about any cases of food poisoning so that is a plus!  We all piled into their very large SUV and headed up to Dallas for some black Friday shopping.  I feel pretty good that we got quite a bit of our list knocked out.  After the family left on Saturday we put up our Christmas decorations.  I love that it is beginning to look like Christmas, it is my favorite time of the year!  Just yesterday I tried to take some Christmas photos of the kids and only one would cooperate (probably because she isn't fast enough to get away yet.)  So you will just have to trust me that Jason was adorable in his Christmas get up. 






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