Monday, February 6, 2012


Jason's hands

Both Jason and Elizabeth have it.  It means that they have joined fingers and on top of that they have extra ones. We knew even before Jason was born that all of our children have a 50% chance of having it.  We could even see on Jason's ultrasound that some of his fingers were going to be joined.  You should have seen the look on the nurses faces when they noticed when he was born and dreaded telling me.

Elizabeth's hands
On Thursday we went to Dallas to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.  There they have a couple of pediatric orthopedic surgeons that have seen this congenital issues like this.  We drove up and saw a huge playground in front of the hospital and knew we had the right place.  Everyone there was so helpful finding the right place to check in and what we needed to do.  Right off the bat they offered Jason and Elizabeth a new toy each.  The waiting area was like one big playground and Jason had an excellent time waiting and playing with the other kids there.  We met two families that noticed the kids hands and asked who our doctor was.  When we told them it was our first time here they assure us here the staff was excellent. 


We got into the exam room and chatted with the doctor who promptly sent us down to get x-rays.  Jason HATED this part.  Jeff had to hold him down to get any good pictures, but they finally did get some.  When that was finished we went back in with the doctor who was great about looking at Jason's hands.  He had some toys for Jason to play with so he could watch how Jason manipulated his fingers.  Then while I was entertaining the kids Jeff discussed the game plan with the doctor.  We are going to do a surgery to separate the fingers on the right hand on February 29th.  I can't believe it will be so soon!  I'm very anxious about the surgery and the recovery afterwards.  Every mother hates her child to be in pain and I feel so bad that we are causing him this pain. 

Left hand
I feel so bad for him because I know Jason can sense something is going on.  He keeps saying Dallas, hands, all done.  We have to remind him that yes we are all done for right now, but after we go and see the rodeo with Grandma and Grandpa we are going back to see the doctors again.  We haven't said anything to him about what will be happening at that next visit and I am not sure how much to say with out worrying him.  So here we sit waiting for the 29th and hoping it is worse than we are imagining.

Right hand

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