Friday, January 27, 2012

Ten Months

Yesterday Elizabeth turned 10 months old and celebrated with her very first pony tail.  There isn't much hair to put up yet, but there is one long piece that always tries to fall into her face.  It is funny to look at the stickers I use to mark her monthly birthdays.  The 1, 2, and 3 month ones are pretty pristine and undamaged, but as the months progress and Elizabeth got more mobil the stickers and her clothes got more wear.  The 10 month photo shoot was quite a battle.  It was a beautiful day outside so I decided to take the kids outside to do the photos.  I imagined that Jason would blow bubbles (his latest love) and I would capture a few beautiful pictures of Elizabeth and we would all have a great afternoon.  You know that isn't the way it worked.  Elizabeth was way more interested in trying to get the bubble solution than being a model and while I was trying to prevent that Jason decided to go play in some sand.  Except it wasn't just sand it was an ant hill...a red ant hill.  The poor boy has bites all over one hand and a couple on his body.  Now he goes around the house saying "ants...ouchy"
2012_01_ 0532012_01_ 056

2012_01_ 0582012_01_ 059

2012_01_ 054
Finally a good one!

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