Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I can't believe my baby girl is one!!!  This year has just flown by even faster than Jason's first year.  I have been amazed by the differences between our kids.  Elizabeth is much cuddlier than Jason was at this age.  She also loves to eat almost everything we put in front of her, but her favorites are peas.  It was a battle to get Jason to eat anything slightly healthy.  Neither of the kids has walked by their first birthday.  When Elizabeth started crawling at 7 months we were sure she would be walking by now, but she is content to crawl around the house. 

We brought cupcakes to church with us on Sunday for the congregation to help us celebrate.  Monday was a pretty normal day while Daddy was at work and after we had dinner we needed to do a photo shoot with our pretty girl.  I made her a onesie that had a cupcake with a one on it and a tutu to wear.  She hated crawling in the tutu so it came off after a while.  After we came in and Jason helped Elizabeth open her gifts.  Elizabeth got a bunch of new clothes, but her favorite thing was the tea set that brother loves to help her play with.  After that we sang happy birthday and had the family favorite of chocolate cake!  Elizabeth dug in!

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