Friday, March 23, 2012

We have a tooth...or two!

So I've dropped the ball a bit and haven't updated since Jason's birthday, sorry!  Now we have Elizabeth's birthday coming up in just a few days!  I will be sure to update after that is over and let you know if I cried.  At the end of February we traveled to San Antonio to see the rodeo with Jeff's family.  We saw lots of animals and lots of shopping.  We even got to try a fried snickers.  While we were in San Antonio Elizabeth had her 11 month birthday.

It seems like March has all it's events packed into next week.  The only thing that we really had going on was a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Michael on their way to Missouri for Spring Break.  Unfortunatly it was a rainy weekend so we didn't get to go out and do much while they were here.  Next week will be a huge week with something planned almost every day.  Monday is Elizabeth's birthday and, although we aren't having a party we will be celebrating as a family and can't wait to spend this special day with her.  Tuesday Jason has speach therapy at the Elementary School.  He has been going since his birthday and I am so proud of his improvement.  I am also so proud that he goes off with the teacher by himself and behaves.  Wednesday we normally do story time at the library, but both Elizabeth and I have doctor appointments.  Thursday I am planning on cleaning up the house in anticipation of Grandma Salomon coming to visit.  On Friday we have Jason's surgery scheduled.

We had scheduled his hand surgery for the end of February, but about a week and a half before that Jason got a bad cough.  When I called up the nurse from the hand center she told me they didn't like to put children under general anesthesia when they have had a recent respiratory infection.  I hated doing it, but we had to postpone his surgery for the end of this month.  I really didn't want to go through the whole anticipation process again and I wanted him to be fully recovered before it was warm enough to get in the pool.  Maybe if we can hurry to schedule the second hand surgery we will be able to swim by Memorial Day.

Someone else was feeling pain this week.  Elizabeth has been a pretty good sleeper since we Ferbered her a couple of months ago.  A week ago she had a night where she woke up every half hour starting at 3 until I finally got up with her at 5:30!  It wasn't until St. Patrick's Day that we figured out the problem.  Our little girl finally got her first tooth!  Followed quickly by her second over this week!  She must have gotten her late teething from me.  Now the big milestone is walking and you never know for sure when that will come!

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