Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

The difficult thing about water parks is that you don't bring your camera in fear of it getting wet, or because you don't want to carry another big honking thing around all day when you have sunscreen and towels and snacks for the kids.  So you don't take pictures of your kids having a wonderful time at Schlitterbahn, but believe me they did!  They splashed and played in the water for 2 days straight and loved every second of it.  Jeff's parents were so kind and stayed with Jason and Elizabeth (and their stuff) while the "big kids" went to some of the rides.  Aunt Michelle was wonderful and let us crash at her house.  The best part was that Elizabeth walked to each of her parents a couple of times this weekend.  Soon enough we will be able to say that we have another toddler in the house!  The one bad part was that I burned my shoulders pretty bad, but at least the kiddos stayed all sunscreened up.

On another note, today is Jeff and my 7 year anniversary!  Seven years down and many, many more to go!

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