Saturday, May 19, 2012

You're so vain

Before we had kids Jeff and I discussed self esteem.  My parents did exactly what you are told to do and lavished praise on my brothers and I, but a least a few of us dealt with self esteem issues growing up.  From what I have observed, Jeff's parents, especially his mother, tend to be more honest about the kids achievements and telling them when she knew they hadn't preformed their best.  Jeff has never had an issue with his self esteem.  Who knows it might be a nature vs. nurture debate.

But one thing I do know is that Jason has no issue with his self esteem.  He may even be a little bit vain.  He has been known to go around telling people that he is "quite intelligent."  This morning as I was combing his hair he told me that he feels handsome.  Jason loves to be chased around the couch, but his downfall is that he always stops to check himself out in any reflective surface.  You have to be covert in taking his picture or video because he always wants to see it, even before you have had a chance to take it.  I the video you will notice he isn't actually saying that he wants to sing, he is saying he wants to see.  I intentionally misinterpreted him to get him to do something cute while Elizabeth was being videoed walking with Daddy.  At the end he couldn't be persuaded to sing so we had to stop to show him the video.

What is the cure for vanity?  Should vanity be cured in a 3 year old?  I mean he is right.  He is handsome and smart.  He doesn't exactly go around telling strangers this, just Mom and Dad, so maybe it is okay for now.

opps: After re-watching the video I realized that I edited out the annoying "I want to see, see, see!" from my 3 year old.  I'll leave this video on here until I can find another good one of him being as self focused.

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