Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby girl isn't a baby anymore!

Oh my goodness, Elizabeth is getting so big!  She just figured out how to walk and the next thing I knew she is toddling all around the house!  I think she is just adorable wondering here and there, but you can be the judge.

She is also so much better at communication than Jason was at this age.  In the morning as soon as she sees Jeff, even before he has seen her, she starts waving and says "hi" and is always telling us "up."  Her "bye, bye" with a wave will melt your heart.  She will also answer yes or no questions with shaking her head or nodding it and adding a "ya."  I know she will have her own challenges, but it makes me happy that Elizabeth doesn't have a problem communicating.

Elizabeth does know her own mind also.  If you try to walk her somewhere she doesn't want to go, she will stop in her tracks and pull against you.  Yesterday was pretty warm but at 2 in the afternoon a little girl was banging at the back door wanting to go out and play.  She would not be detered, so outside we went.  Elizabeth knows what she wants!

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