Monday, June 18, 2012

Where are we going to get a giant panda?

I hope you all had an enjoyable father's day weekend.  I think we made it fun for Jeff.  We made sure the house was sparkling clean for him when he came home Friday night.  Normally the outdoor chores are Jeff's responsibility so on Saturday morning when the kids got up nice and early (because they haven't learned that weekends are for sleeping in) I took them out back to work on the very fast growing bamboo.  Later that afternoon we went to Daddy's toy store, aka Lowe's, and he got to pick out a new tool.  On Sunday we gave him a card with the kids footprints on it and showed him the video we made for him.

Saturday morning while I was battling with the bamboo, Jason was helping me bag all the pieces and we got to talking about how giant pandas eat mostly bamboo.  This is a factoid he learned from a game on his LeapPad Explorer.  He loves to inform us about the animals he is learning about.  He was talking about how we need to find a giant panda to eat all this bamboo that we were bagging (and there was a LOT!)  I asked him where we would find a panda and after suggesting the bamboo forest where pandas live, or a zoo, he settled on climbing into his Ipad (what he calls his LeapPad) and get one from there.  I adore hearing what he imagines and thinks about!

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