Friday, September 28, 2012

Phone Photo Friday *Vegas Edition*

That's right ladies and gents, we just returned from Las Vegas!  And when I say we I am not including the kids!  Jeff had a big conference called the Mine Expo that is there every 4 years.  He still talks about all the shenanigans from the last one.  So this time I figured I needed to tag along, you know, to be sure he didn't get lost on his way back to the hotel one night.  So a week ago we drove the whole family down to San Antonio to Jeff's parents new house.
Along the way Jeff had to take a call so the kids and I expolored a back country road
So on Saturday morning we left the kids with the Grandparents and hopped on a plane with Jeff's sister, Michelle.  After a quick nap on the plane we were there and checking into the Monte Carlo resort.  After some dinner and a little gambling we were off to see Garth Brooks at the Wynn!  We are all huge Garth fans, but when I saw this video I was a little concerned
He says something to the effect of "We're going to go through all the music that I grew up on and how it influeced my own"  I was thinking OH NO!  I want to hear my favorite songs, I'm not going to hear Garth sing some ye-ha song that his daddy sang him to sleep.  It was exactly what he said, and I loved it!!!  We did hear some of Garth's songs and he sang some that influenced him, but most of all it felt like he was talking to you over a dinner as a buddy.  And MAN, was he funny!  So if you get the chance, go see Garth at the Wynn!


The next couple of days we spent wandering the strip, seeing the attractions and going to promotional parties at night.  While Jeff was at the Expo on Monday, Michelle and I went out to the best buffet in town and majorly filled up our bellies!  I had to take a picture of this cute little fry basket and I was in my HTM element with all the bitesized food so you could try everything!

We also went to get shellac manicures that are supposed to last 2 weeks or more.  I am pretty thrilled because we got them on Monday and as of today I haven't even seen a bit of a chip!  We will have to see how everything goes over the next two weeks!
On Tuesday we went to the CSI exhibit.  We were about to pay at the cash register near the exhibit ($66 for the two of us) when they told us we couldn't use the discount down there.  So we went back upstairs and found that the discount was pretty substantial ($28 for the two of us!!!)  The exhibit was only okay so I would have been pissed if we paid more than $30 a piece.

So our days were mostly spent wandering around and taking in the sights, but at night we got to go out clubbing and invited to some nice parties!  We went clubbing at XS on Sunday night and Jeff and I have decided we can't figure out what distinguishes one of these techno DJs from another.  Before that we had attended a CAT promotional dinner where Jeff got pretty steamed that they changed the words of "he has the whole world in his hands" to make it an environmentally conscious song.  We were invited (sort of) to the Bridgestone Tire party at Pure nightclub another night.  It was pretty nice that most of these parties had free food and drinks (and cigars) to help out with our budget.  The last night we had to show Michelle the Bellagio fountains!
2012_09_072 by RachSal
2012_09_068 by RachSal


On the very last day we were there I was compelled to go out and take some pictures around the resorts we were staying in.  Most of these are from the Bellagio
2012_09_073 by RachSal
2012_09_075 by RachSal
2012_09_080 by RachSal
2012_09_084 by RachSal
When we returned home Jason was so excited to see us he almost hopped right off of his perch on Grandma's shoulders!  Elizabeth took a few minutes to really realize it was us, but when she did she was back to reciting "Daddy, Daddy, Mommy, Mommy, Brother."  We all drove home on Thursday and although Jeff and I are a little sleep deprived we are so thankful for a wonderful trip!


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