Wednesday, October 3, 2012

18 months!

2012_10_ 024 by RachSal
Maybe I'm in a little bit of denial, but I kept stalling on writing this post.  As you probably guessed from the title, my baby girl is a year and a half old!  Jason's preschool recently asked for a family picture and with our trip and everything going on I didn't remember until yesterday so I had to search through my stash.  The only one I could find was from May 2011 and Elizabeth was so little!  I can't believe that our ittiy bitty baby has turned into this sweet little girl.  She has such a personality!  Elizabeth has her own opinion and will tell you to "go" while pushing you somewhere and she has a little temper that will let you know when you don't do something her way.
2012_10_ 002 by RachSal
Elizabeth is such a sweet little cuddle bug, especially with her Daddy!  She is working very hard to have him wrapped around her finger.  She also gives the sweetest kisses, you just ask her for one and she will lay one on you!
2012_10_ 017 by RachSal
I know I have said this before, but I am so thankful that Elizabeth isn't struggling with speech the way that Jason did.  She knows so many animal sounds and loves to name them when she sees them (like the cow on the milk jug.)  When we are done reading a book, we frequently hear "again, again" and hearing "please" is music to my ears.  She knows all her favorite foods and that she wants them on her "plate."  She loves to say over and over "Mommy" and "Daddy."  It seems like every day she is adding new words and I can't keep up!
2012_10_ 010 by RachSal
On a little more nerve wracking note: the kids are both having surgery on Friday.  Jason is having his left hand done and Elizabeth is having her right.  I'm not as nervous this time about Jason because he handled it so well last time, but I really worry about Elizabeth.  She is just so little!  So please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers on Friday!
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