Friday, April 19, 2013

Cast removal

I have to apologize, it seems that every time the kids have surgeries I stop writing in the blog almost completely.  I'm afraid it is mostly because we tend to lay low during the three weeks the kids have casts on and don't do much.  Yesterday the kids had their casts removed and we can do fun things again!  Jason was excited, but nervous going into the hospital to get his cast off.  He kept asking if it was going to hurt and if he was going to have a scab.  It didn't hurt and he didn't even have much of a scab.  I had forgotten that the Doctor had put a pin in his finger to try to straighten it out during his surgery.  When Jason found it he tried to pull it out himself and had to be restrained until a nurse was available to take it out for him.  Unfortunately, Jason inherited his mother's tendency to pick and has happily made it his hobby to pick the dry old skin off his hand and arm.  I just hope he doesn't make it raw.

Elizabeth was much more easy going and let us take off her cast without too much angst.  She had a much more extensive surgery and had much more scabbing than Jason.  She is very willing to show everyone her fingers though.  She even gave a high five with her new fingers to one of the nurses.  She certainly has her own little issues though, we had to go through a couple of hard nights when we told her she didn't need any more medicine.  I think she likes the taste and asks for it even when she isn't hurting.  Both kids have been tentative to use their new hands, but from past experience that is normal and will wear off in a few days.  Hopefully I will have some more interesting things to post in the next few weeks.

In other news I have been taking an online photography class (more on that towards the end of the month) and sometimes I take photos that don't show the principle we are working on, but I love none the less.  I figured I would share some of those with you guys.
IMG_8219 by RachSal
IMG_8201 by RachSal
IMG_8239 by RachSal
IMG_8262 by RachSal

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