Wednesday, April 24, 2013


For Christmas my wonderful sister in law, Michelle, gave me a group on for an online photo class from Flying Photo School and I finally got a chance to redeem it for this month.  After much consideration I decided to take the Creative Composition class to make my photos more dynamic and interesting.  I have been learning lots about:

Leading lines
IMG_8156_1 by RachSal

Rule of thirds
IMG_8176_1 by RachSal

IMG_8183_2 by RachSal

IMG_8228 by RachSal

IMG_8232_1 by RachSal

IMG_8265 by RachSal

IMG_8251 by RachSal

And quite a few other concepts.  I was a little disappointed that week 4 ended up being mostly review, but I did get the tip to use a telephoto lens to get good photos of them without stopping the action.  I would like to take more online photography classes so if you have heard of any good ones I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Have you heard about Clickin Moms?

    I have heard great things about their classes, and as soon as I get a nice camera I would like to try one. Right now I'm mostly taking iPhone pics.