Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Start of Summer

I'm sorry it has been a while since I have written.  It isn't that we haven't been doing anything to write about, I just haven't felt that inspired.  We have been keeping busy though, first Jason had his last day of preschool.  They had a graduation for the older kids in the class going off to Kindergarten and it even made me tear up a bit with how much quickly he is growing up.  Here was his first day of school and here he is after the last one:

IMG_8641 by RachSal

IMG_8617 by RachSal

For Memorial day weekend we headed way down to South Padre Island to play on the beach and we surprised the kids by going to Schlitterbahn water park there.  The kids had a blast, but we didn't get many photos.  I blame the lack of photos for part of the reason I don't feel as compelled to write the stories behind the photos. While we were at the beach we also went on a pirate ship and Jeff and I took a sandcastle building class.

Since we have returned I have been making a real effort to be engaged as a mom.  I admit that I had been phoning it in a bit the last month of so, but I have vowed for the kids to have a fun summer.  To accomplish that I made a schedule for our days and a pinterest inspired summer bucket list. 
IMG_8652 by RachSal
We have been playing hide and seek
IMG_8667 by RachSal
IMG_8673 by RachSal
sitting in boxes
IMG_8700 by RachSal
hauling dirt
IMG_8705 by RachSal
building rocket ships
IMG_8710 by RachSal
flying rocket ships
IMG_8717_1 by RachSal
and reading to little sister.
At the end of May Jeff and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary.  I was so surprised when I found this gift waiting for me!  He got me a beautiful Coach purse!  I don't think I matched him with just a new grill, but I also cleaned his truck. We are looking forward to many more anniversaries to come.
IMG_8656 by RachSal

We are looking forward to fun and visits this summer so keep checking back!

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