Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Speedy June

IMG_8811 by RachSal
June has just flown by and I realize I haven't updated at all.  So we started early June with a trip to the blackberry patch.  This was the same place we visited to pick strawberries earlier in the year.  The kids had a great time picking and we had filled up a basket before we knew it.  The plan was to make this blackberry cobbler and it was super easy.  I knew we needed 2 cups of blackberries for the cobbler and we picked twice that.  I thought the kids would enjoy having this as a fruity treat, but they each had about a bite and said they were done.  Jeff and I really loved it though.
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IMG_8727 by RachSal
IMG_8730 by RachSal

The kids are so excited that it is finally warm enough to swim!
IMG_8763 by RachSal

Shortly after that we went to see our community's parade before the start of the fair and rodeo.  We had fun watching the parade and later in the week we visited the fair and rodeo.  Jason was getting over a cold, but had a great time riding the rollercoasters.  Both kids had fun watching the "cows try to get away" at the rodeo.
IMG_8767 by RachSal
Yes, my crazy boy decided to wear pants when it was rather warm!
IMG_8768 by RachSal
but he was still having a blast!
IMG_8771 by RachSal
Elizabeth wasn't so sure.
IMG_8776 by RachSal
The sirens got a little loud.

We celebrated Father's day with Jeff and quickly headed down to San Antonio to visit the grandparents and attend the Vacation Bible School they had at their church.  Jason had a blast at their Kingdom Rock and Elizabeth got some special Mommy and Grandma time.  Silly Mommy didn't remember to take out the camera until after the grandparents left to visit other family.
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IMG_8840 by RachSal
Elizabeth still had a great time playing with their toys when they were gone
IMG_8839 by RachSal

Hopefully I will do better with updates and pictures in the next month!

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