Thursday, September 12, 2013

birthday, school, sewing and hair

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We are getting into the swing of fall even if the weather is still in the 90s.  It seems like Jeff and I are always ringing in our birthday at his parents house and this year we were in some good company.  Jeff's cousin was graduating from basic training in the area so his wife and their precious 3 year old little girl came down to see him.  The kids also had a great time seeing Great Grandma, who came in from Florida.  They will actually be moving closer to us soon so I hope we will get to work out some play dates.  I completely forgot to take my camera out except for when we opened our gifts from each other so I didn't get many family photos.
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When we got home the kids were ready to get out some energy and dance!  Good thing we received the gifts from my parents.  Jeff hooked up this nifty gift (can you tell I don't know the name?) to the stereo and was able to play music from his phone where ever he was in the house.  I got a rapid strap for my camera so I could zing my camera right up to my face to quickly capture the moment.  Jeff doesn't understand why it's so great, but I am in love!
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The very next day Jason was off to his first day of preschool for the year.  I can't believe this time next year we will be getting ready to send him to kindergarten and Elizabeth to preschool!  They are growing up so fast!  He was so excited to be going back and thrilled he had the same teacher as last year.  Mrs. Ashley has 4 boys of her own so she knows how to handle a class full of them! 
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A little while ago I told Jeff that I thought I might be putting sewing on the backburner because I wasn't feeling the urge to do it right now.  Of course he knows me so well and got me new scissors anyway and he was right.  The first week we were back I finished up 5 projects I had been thinking about for a while.  I finished a pillowcase dress and bandana skirt for Elizabeth, a new water resistant apron for both Elizabeth and I and some Mickey Mouse shorts for Jason.  I will need some more fabric for the next few projects I have in mind so I am taking a little break now to tidy up the craft room and organize, but I'm sure I'll be back at it soon! 
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The final bit of news is we had one of Elizabeth's last firsts on Saturday!  Elizabeth got her first haircut!  Her hair was starting to look a little ragged at the ends.  Although you can't tell from the photo below the front was a few inches shorter than the back and when you're only 3 feet tall a few inches makes a big difference.  I cut it myself and it isn't even lopsided.  She was so good and sat very still talking to her Daddy.  It seems to not really have phased her in anyway, but I think it makes her look so much more grown up!
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Whew!  New ages, new school year, new clothes and a new haircut!  I guess we have been going through a ton of changes in the past couple of weeks and we seem to be adjusting well!  I'll leave you with another adorable photo of our pretty girl.
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