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August review

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Maybe I should do what some other bloggers do and just announce I am going to take a break over the summer.  I never seem to keep up with writing very much during the summer months and it isn't for a lack of doing things.  Many of the weeks we spent at home, but we went camping a couple of weekends and loved spending time together as a family
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 We headed down to Austin for a long weekend and checked out the capital.  The kids had a bit of trouble walking around the capital building because it didn't hold much to entertain them, but we did find a few things they enjoyed.
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That evening Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Michelle came up from San Antonio and we hiked around McKinney Falls.  After that we visited Zilker Park in downtown Austin to swim in the springfed lake.  We knew it was supposed to be cold, but we were shocked at just how cold it was.  We all got quite a shock as we jumped in and Elizabeth begged for us to get her back out.  After we got in we were told we could not have the kids with the life jackets in that area and needed to move down to the end of the pool which would have been a good area to start since it was much shallower there and the kids could stand when it wasn't too slippery with algae.  It was also much warmer in the shallow area and if we were to go again I think that is where we should set up camp.

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While we were at home we have been finding ways to entertain ourselves.  Elizabeth got Daddy to play princesses with her and lately has taken to wearing her Cinderella dress any occasion we let her.  We have kept cool by playing in the pool quite a bit.  Elizabeth has learned how to swim by herself with her life vest on, of course we are always close by to help her and keep a good eye on her.  Jason has recently found he loves jump and be thrown into the water.  Unfortunately life isn't always fun and games, Miss Elizabeth is the average two year old who is prone to tantrums.  The one that I took a photo of below was because she wanted something to eat.  Notice the plate full of food in front of her.

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The weekend before Labor Day weekend we took a last minute trip to Galveston.  We enjoyed the beach and the water was so warm, but I was too afraid to bring my big camera and get any good photos.  The next morning we went to the railroad museum and although it wasn't the best one we have been to the kids enjoyed it.  The next day we decided to see the Bishop's Palace.  It looked beautiful from the outside, but we were disappointed that there was very little furniture and not much history on the family that lived in the house to help you connect to them.  Elizabeth was not very happy with the Palace at all, although it had more to do with not being able to walk around by herself and touch every thing.  I believe we provided good birth control for everyone who visited that day.  After we left the Palace we walked around the neighborhood a bit and got to see some of the other lovely houses.

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This post has gotten too long already, but I will be sure to talk about our birthday, our trip to San Antonio and Jason's first day of pre-K in the next post.


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