Thursday, May 15, 2014

Epic Epcot


On Monday morning we slept in a bit more and told the kids they needed to stay in bed until 7am, an hour longer than normal, due to us staying up late almost every night.  Besides since the park opened at 9am we didn't plan to leave until 8 and we didn't want the kids to get restless in the camper.  Yesterday I talked about how we used touring plans and how some days it worked really well, unfortunately Epcot was not one of those days.  I don't know if it was because we didn't get there early enough (we didn't leave until closer to 8:30) or if we didn't take the most direct route to the rides, but the wait for Soarin' was supposed to be 8 minutes and it was posted as 60 when Jason and Jeff walked up.  It ended up being about 30, but we weren't getting off to a very good start to the day.  Before their Soarin' adventure we all started off with the Seas with Nemo, a retelling of the finding Nemo story, that Jeff found pretty uninspiring.  Elizabeth and I explored the rest of the aquarium while Jeff and Jason went to Soarin' and since the wait ended up being so long they had to rush to use their FP+ for Test Track.  Jason really loved making his own car (the red one with stars) and riding around the track.

While the boys were occupied Elizabeth and I saw Crush from Finding Nemo (are you sensing a theme here?) talk to the kids.  After we finished up there we headed over to the land pavilion and rode Living with the Land.  Elizabeth was much more interested that we were riding on a boat then any environmental education.


When we were all done with all of our activities we met up to see Lightning McQueen's playground, checked out a shop and decided to head back to the camper.  I felt a little bad for Elizabeth because she didn't get to do anything really fun for her that morning, but, oh boy, did we have plans for her that afternoon!

While we were resting Jeff called up the roadside assistance for our camper to get the slide worked on that I wrote about here.  He had to go through a bunch of levels to get the right person coming to help us.  When he finally did get someone out to us they were able to force the slide in and out, but the gear really wasn't working right.  The repair man could order the right parts, but we opted to just have the guy help us shove it back in and take it to Dallas to get fixed.  So Jeff scheduled him to come back on Saturday to help us get set up to leave.  Unfortunately the repair man didn't show up until after the kids had woken from their nap so the kids and I took the bus to Epcot and left Jeff to catch up with us later.

The bus took quite a while to get there, but when finally did get to Epcot we started with the world showcase  since we had done most of the things in future land.  We tried the Agent P's spy adventure thing, but I think at 5 and 3 my kids just weren't mature enough to listen to all those directions.  We started in Mexico and they really loved the boat ride with the three Caballeros.   Next we headed to Norway to give Maelstrom a try.  The line was pretty long, but I think the kids enjoyed it when we got through everything.  Jason was funny, he was pretty confused by the fact that we were "traveling to other countries" but still staying in Disney World in Florida.  This trip we worked a lot with him on what was pretend and what was real.  We had to rush from Maelstrom to get ready for our dinner with the Princesses!!!



Cinderella came up behind Elizabeth and let her help lead the Princess Parade around the room.  Then she spent so much time talking to her at our table, Elizabeth was in heaven!




We also got to meet Aurora, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White.  We were so lucky! 






After dinner we continued around the world showcase.  Jason was especially impressed with the train display!  Before we left I debated so hard on what strollers to bring.  We have a single BOB revolution, umbrella strollers, Ergo carriers, and a double bike trailer that can be converted into a stroller.  There are benefits and detriments to each of these and I was so indecisive that I convinced Jeff to bring the BOB, Ergos and the Bike Trailer.  The plan had originally been to have one kid in the BOB and the other one walk, but as the week progressed we found it easier to put one kid in the BOB the right way and have them move their feet and have the other kid sit in the foot well.  The one day we did use the bike trailer was when I took the kids to Epcot.  I wanted a place for each of them to be strapped in.  What actually happened is that they switched off who got to walk and who got to ride between each country.


When Elizabeth was out she treated us and many other guests to her performance of "Let it Go" from Frozen.






Finally Daddy finished with the camper and was able to join us for the last bit of the world showcase and the firework show.  We didn't get time to do Spaceship Earth or see much of some of the countries.  I think ever time I go to Epcot I start on the Mexico side  and always miss seeing Canada, UK and France.  Next time I go, which will probably not be very soon, remind me to start on the other side.  Before we knew it, another day was over and tomorrow we would visit Magic Kingdom!


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