Monday, May 19, 2014

"We were on a Break" to Hollywood


During planning everyone told us we should take a break day in between and we were so ready for one by Wednesday.  We needed some time to vegetate in the camper and have some down time.  In the morning we headed over to Downtown Disney, a shopping area that they are still developing.  I wish I had checked the place out a bit first because we parked on the side of the construction that didn't have as much that we were interested in.  We checked out the Lego store where I discovered that maybe Jason was ready to break out Daddy's old legos.  The sculptures they had outside were amazing!  We also checked out the huge Disney store and toy store.  We resisted buying anything for the moment and had some lunch at Earl of Sandwich (yum!) and spotted a Christmas store.  We needed to see if we could find something for our tree.  We took a family vote and decided on a clear castle ornament that changed colored lights.  We did decide to go back and get Jason a sword and shield he had thought was pretty cool.  When we went in the first time Elizabeth was really interested in dancing with this Aurora doll that flipped and became Ariel.  We showed it to her again and the interest was completely gone.  So we ended up getting her a $6 sword to play with her brother versus the $31 doll that she already has quite a few of. 

After we had spent a bit of money we headed back to the camper for naps.  As soon as everyone was up we all got suits on and headed over to the amazing pool we had been walking by all week.  Jason just wanted to go down the slide over and over and over again.  Elizabeth tried it a couple of times, but couldn't keep herself upright and was scared when she flew into the pool, so she was happier to float around and play with us.  That night after dinner back at the camper we headed to the campfire and sing along with Chip and Dale again.  Then off to bed to prepare for another big day!


IMGP0069 IMGP0076

So Thursday it was back to the parks, and we started by rushing to Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios.  It was so much fun, but Elizabeth had a difficult time figuring out how to fire the cannon.  We headed back towards the front of the park so Jeff and I could take turns on Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, which was much faster than I remember, then it was off to the Tower of Terror.  Jason kept going back and forth trying to decide if he wanted to ride this with us.  He is big enough, we were just worried about it being too scary for him.  He went on it first with Jeff and loved it!  He came out bouncing around and ready to go on it with me.  While we did that, Jeff and Elizabeth went off to get in line for the Little Mermaid show.  Jason assured me that the ride was just pretend and loved it a second time.  We rushed over to the Little Mermaid, but they wouldn't let us in for the current show.  In hindsight we should have all headed over to the Little Mermaid show and just done our child swap ticket for Jason and I on Tower of Terror later in the day.  After they were finished with the show Jeff and Elizabeth joined Jason and I for the Disney Jr. show.  We had it on the plan for later in the afternoon, but since it was right across the courtyard and the show was about to begin we went for it.  Elizabeth really liked the show and Jason might have also, but he insisted that I not sing.  I'm not sure what to make of that business!  After the show was over we headed back to the camper for our rest time.



After our break we realized we could only do the Beauty and the Beast show or the Indian Jones Stunt show so we chose Belle.  We did have a little time before that started so we headed over to Star Tours which they have completely remade into a Star Wars themed ride.  It was pretty cool and Jason was the rebel spy.  We did another child swap because Elizabeth was too short again.  To keep ourselves busy the girls watched the Jedi Training academy show and saw Darth Vader.  It was a good show and if Jason knew anything about Star Wars we might have had him do it, but we think that is a bit mature for him just yet.  We regrouped and headed over to the Beauty and the Beast show which Elizabeth loved.  We may have a future thespian on our hands, she loves all these productions!







After the show we grabbed some dinner and Jason and I did Star Tours again.  We all headed over to the Muppet 3D show.  Afterwards we found Lightning McQueen and Mater.  I think Jason was a little disappointed they didn't talk like other characters we had seen, but I'm not sure how Disney would have made that happen.  Since the kids were getting grumpy we decided to head home before Fantasmic, the light, water, and firework show.  Before we headed out Jason begged to do Tower of Terror one more time so we did.  When Jason caught back up to us Elizabeth wrapped her arms around him and said "Oh brother I missed you!"  That was one of the sweetest moments of our trip!  Before we knew it we were ready for our final day of our trip, back to Magic Kingdom!


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