Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ladies Man

On Tuesdays I pick up Jason from school so we can get to Elizabeth's ballet lesson on time.  Jason's teacher takes all of her car riders to their parent's car.  Normally Jason is really excited to point out our car to his teacher.  As they walked over to our car this Tuesday I noticed Jason holding hands with a little girl as they walked over.  It was pretty adorable!  While Jason's teacher was helping him in the car she told me that he explained the hand holding so that they didn't get smooshed by a car, but the little girl whispered it was because they kind of like each other...Oh boy!  I asked if that was Bailey, who we had heard a bit about, but it wasn't.  In fact he couldn't tell me what her name was at all, maybe Riley.  I knew our guy was cute, but I didn't expect him to start attracting young ladies quite this early.

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