Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Floors


So a few months ago I heard a dripping late at night.  Jeff thought it was the hot water heater with a leak, but I thought it was something from the air conditioner.  All we knew was the next morning our floor was soaked.  I was right, apparently the condensation line from the air conditioner was clogged.  The plumber was able to fix that easily enough, but the floors would need a lot of work.



Due to where the leak was the would have to replace just about all the wood laminate in our house.  I guess I didn't realize what a big ordeal this would be.  First we had to get the flooring in which ended up taking about a month.  Then when we finally got it in and scheduled the people to install it they ripped everything out of the bedroom and realized they didn't have enough flooring.  They did the bedroom, but didn't start on the living room until they had enough flooring to finish it.  About 2 weeks later they had everything and came back to finish up.  It took the flooring people twice as long as it was supposed to, but the floor is in now.







We like the way the new floors look for the most part, but there are issues that still need to be fixed, like the joint between our master bedroom and bathroom. There is yet another promise that this will be fixed and hopefully it will be soon.



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