Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We have an announcment!

I was feeling a little off this week and decided to take a pregnancy test on Wednesday.  I had told Jeff I was trying to hold off until the weekend, but I don't have any patience.  While he was taking his shower I tested and of course I didn't have a cute way to tell him so I just said, "guess what?  I'm pregnant!"  It has been a couple of days, but I'm not sure the news has sunk in yet.  Of course I am very nervous and this time really won't be telling anyone until after we are through the first trimester.

It's been about a little over a week since I found out I'm expecting and I'll admit it, I'm a bit obsessed!  With Jason I still had a job to do, with Elizabeth I had a little one that needed pretty constant attention, but now the kids can and do entertain themselves often that I have plenty of time to think and look at baby stuff!  I don't even have that much to research this time.  The only thing we really need is a new infant seat, although I can think of a few new things I would like.  I really need to get into a good book or project.  Maybe I will finally put together that Disney World scrapbook I've been meaning to work on!

I was supposed to go to the doctor for my first check a few days ago, but we had some ice the night before so I postponed the appointment until today.  Jeff got to join Elizabeth on our trip to Waco to see the Doctor.  The doctor came in and got right down to dating the pregnancy.  First thing we saw a beautiful heartbeat.  The doctor measured everything and gave me a due date of October 11, 2015 which is right on with my ovulation tracking.  We even got to faintly hear the heartbeat!  Everything was right on track and although I know there are no guarantees I'm happy we made it past when my last miscarriage.  We got a photo of the baby, but honestly it looks more like a blob so you will just have to trust me that there is a baby in there.  I have another appointment in about a month and I'm already counting down the days until then. 
Yesterday I had another doctor appointment.  I had no reason to be nervous, but I still was.  It is just the beginning of worrying about this baby that I am sure will continue far beyond when it is born, grows up and moves out.  I was thrilled that the doctor was able to find the heartbeat very quickly. I really haven't felt like eating much and when I do I can't eat very much so the doctor did notice I had lost about 7 pounds.  He assured me that my appetite would come back soon enough.  After my appointment I was leaving the office I saw a friend from town.  I'm a terrible liar so she ended up being the first person I have told, but since hearing the heartbeat I am feeling a little more secure.   Today I worked on our parents announcement and getting ready to send it to my parents later this week.

I'm 12 weeks today and we decided that this would be the time we would tell the kids.  We wanted them to know before we told the rest of our family and friends.  We went up to the Fort Worth area to get something for the camper and went out to a late lunch/ early dinner.  We decided to tell the kids then that right before Halloween they would be getting a baby brother or sister.  Jason wanted to know if it would come on October 30th then, I told him no it would be around October 11, but babies come when God wants them to so we don't know the exact date.  Elizabeth votes for a baby sister and Jason is hoping for a brother so we will see who the little tie breaker is. 

This past weekend was Easter and I planned a cute reveal for our families.  I send off an egg to my parents earlier in the week and we traveled down to San Antonio to be with Jeff's family for Easter weekend.  We had hoped to leave on Thursday and spend a long weekend down there, but Jason had a snow make up day on Friday.  We did make it down there for dinner on Friday night.  During dinner the discussion turned to how the kids are growing up and now that their cousin is 18 months, Grandma said something like there won't be any more babies in the house.  Jason piped in with there will be one in October, on October 11th!  Well I can't keep a straight face so we told them at that time, but it was sweet that Jason is anticipating his new brother or sister.  So Easter morning they opened the egg and were still excited to see the official reveal.  My family called later in the morning and were so happy for us.  We will be sharing with everyone soon!

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