Tuesday, June 30, 2015

life update

I haven't fallen off the planet, I promise!  Here's an update on what is going on with us:

Elizabeth had her dance recital and she was adorable!  Since she is the smallest in her class she ended up being front and center.  I'm not sure how much she learned, but she sure looked cute!





It rained almost every day in May so we were feeling very soggy when the school year ended.  Elizabeth loved singing at the preschool graduation!  Jason ended up testing into the gifted and
talented program for the next school year so we hope it will be a good fit for him and he will be more challenged.  He actually wasn't there for the last few days of school because we left on a cruise.



Jeff and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary at the end of May.  He surprised me by planning a Caribbean cruise.  He was sure to chose a cruise line that had a lot for the kids to do and we all had a blast!  We went to a beach resort in Cozumel, Mexico, saw stingrays and snorkeled in Grand Cayman, and went to another beach resort in Falmouth, Jamaica.  We had 3 days on the boat at sea and I thought we would get board, but it ended up being like a vacation after the vacation.  The kids really enjoyed going to kids club and Jeff and I just got to catch up with each other.










A few days before we left on our cruise we got to see our baby!  The ultrasound tech and the doctor both seemed shocked that we didn't want to find out the gender of our baby, but we held to our decision and stayed team green.  We got a video, but since I couldn't figure out how to get it onto our computer I got creative and narrated it myself.  Now I'm 25 weeks or 5.5 months and the baby still looks great!  Jeff has felt it kick, but the kids are too impatient to wait to feel it yet. 

Elizabeth was so excited that this year she could finally join her brother at vacation bible school at Grandma and Grandpa's church and she charmed everyone there!  The kids loved learning the new songs and dances that went along with them.  They did tons of crafts and most importantly learned about God.  VBS is only in the morning so we had afternoons to spend with family and had lots of fun like swimming and playing on the playground, but the kids really loved going to the DoSeum that had recently opened.  Parking was a bit difficult, but there was so many fun things that we didn't get to do everything.  We will have to go back again some time!

With getting ready for this baby I have been looking back quite a bit.  We have looked back at the baby books, gotten out newborn clothes for both genders and taken out as many of the toys and supplies as I can get Jeff to take down from the attic.  Looking back really shows me how Jason and Elizabeth are growing up so much!  Jason has really taken to reading, I got him a space book to look at on our cruise and before the week was through he had devoured the whole book and this was not a small book!  Since then I got him his first chapter book and his second and third and started on his fourth.  He has said to me "I love the magic of reading!"  So adorable! 

We are scheduled to do swim lessons next week, but in the past month just playing around in the pool Jason has figured out how to swim well.  He still likes to have someone close by just in case, but he can swim the full length of our pool just fine!  I think working on snorkeling before our cruise really helped him learn what he should do.  Elizabeth was doing well at the end of last summer, but seems to have forgotten how to regulate her breathing.  Hopefully the lessons will help her remember. 

We have a ton more coming up this summer so I will be sure to be more attentive to the blog, but I think that's enough for now.

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